Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Operation: Polar Flight

Tierfon Campaign Starting Roster
Mission T1: Operation Polar Flight
The first Tierfon Campaign mission for the X-Wing Miniatures Game is ready to be play tested! In this
initial encounter we see Aurek Flight, half of Black Squadron's ships, called upon to strike a communications link vital to a new Imperial TIE fighter base. The Rebel ships are to drop out of hyperspace, destroy the comms relays, and make the jump back into hyperspace before the TIEs can swarm.

The mission is the opening salvo in a joint effort involving Alliance Intelligence, SpecForce, and Starfighter Command, code-named Operation Polar Flight. Two companion missions for the Age of Rebellion RPG are also nearing completion: more on those later.

For the T1 playtest, we need to look at a few items for the sake of balance. One is the number of hull points on the Holonet Transceiver targets. The other is the rate at which Imperial reinforcements arrive. Either of these may be in need of fine-tuning in order to make a balanced and competitive scenario.

As a supplement to the first mission, I offer the Tierfon Starting Roster PDF as well. This document lists all 18 pilots who are currently members of Black Squadron along with the equipment they have access to at the beginning of the campaign. As time goes on and the effects of numerous missions take their toll, we'll see the combat ability of the Squadron degrade.

Click on the link in the caption of either picture to download the PDF.

In a future post I will address the notion of Campaign Points and the procedure for tracking damage to both pilots and starfighters between missions.

Special thanks to A Few Maneuvers forum member "GeckoTH" for the Photoshop template!