Dramatis Personae

The who's who of Tierfon.

Tierfon Command Personnel
Tierfon Command Personnel Stats:
Tierfon Base Ground Commander
Major Kento Moorla (Human male) [Sumitra Sector Command]
Contribution: 7
This is the highest ranking officer assigned to the outpost, the being ultimately in charge of the operation of the base and security of the surroundings.

Tierfon Base Ground Executive Officer
Captain Prestor Sykes (Human male) [Sumitra Sector Command]
Contribution: 6
Major Moorla's second-in-command, Captain Sykes assists in the day to day running of the secret base.

Tierfon Security Chief
Lieutenant Sola Bast (Human female) [Sumitra Sector Command]
Contribution: 5
In charge of the 50 or so infantry soldiers who patrol the region immediately around the base and man the defenses.
Happens to be the sister of the Tierfon Intelligence Lead, Lt. Juno Bast.

Black Squadron Leader
Squadron Leader Kareene Argent (Human female) [Starfighter Command]
Contribution: 6
Recently promoted when the four best pilots (including the previous Squadron Leader, Danva Colton (human male)) were re-assigned to Alliance HQ.

Tierfon Intelligence Lead
Lieutenant Juno Bast (Human female) [Sumitra Sector Command]
Contribution: 5
Primarily responsible for collecting information from the network of agents, listening devices, and probe droids deployed throughout a portion of the Sumitra Sector. Also involved in tasking crews of Intelligence (Irregulars) and briefing/de-briefing starfighter pilots during missions related to Alliance Intelligence.
Happens to be the sister of the Tierfon Security Chief, Lt. Sola Bast.

Black Squadron Pilot Stats:
Squadron Leader Kareene Argent (Human female)
Flight Lieutenant Bren Axmis (Human male)
Flying Officer Natasi Clovis (Human female)
Flying Officer Nar Syndulla (Twi'lek male)
Flying Officer Tomaas Hardeen (Human male)
Flying Officer Zeva Kuro (Zabrak female)
Flying Officer Raako Tosh (Mon Calamari male)
Flying Officer Yatan Vantai (Human male)
Flying Officer Kavra Eriso (Human female)
Flying Officer Mowha Lokar (Duros male)
Flying Officer Satry Rudemo (Human male)
Flying Officer Athin Finn (Human male)
Flying Cadet Jit Ruana (Human male)
Flying Cadet Carga Jansen (Human female)
Flying Cadet Tam Nesh (Sullustan female)
Flying Cadet Kell Jonos (Human female)
Flying Cadet Ghrikk Go'loc (Bothan male)
Flying Cadet Bal Jervada (Human male)

SpecForce Team Member Stats:
Sergeant Trak Bondaloo (Human male)
First Trooper Noa Sarn (Human male)
Trooper Miri Jakar (Human female)
Trooper Leda Sturm (Duros female)
Trooper Oberon Qualto (Gran male)
Trooper Wrora (Wookiee male)
Trooper Broc Folen (Human male)
Trooper Kazsic Koda (Rodian male)
Trooper Brenna Swift (Human female)
Trooper Rune Candroon (Human male)
Trooper Jag Corely (xxx male)
Trooper Sakura Qui Los (xxx female)
Trooper Jarvis Asto'ral (Twi'lek male)
Trooper Sham Tersu (xxx female)
Trooper Kelko Curran (xxx female)

Fire Team Blue 2 Stats:
Trooper First Class Geela Ral (Rodian female)
Trooper Recruit Kenka Lorus (Human male)
Trooper Recruit Shaasa Pag (Sullustan female)
Trooper Recruit Rayne Kappa (Human male)
Trooper Recruit Tarth Holst (Human male)

2nd Lieutenant Oro Omas (Mon Calamari female) [Intell]
Contribution: 4

Tierfon Base Head Cook:
Senior Trooper Kal Bandi (Human male) [Support Services]
Contribution: 1

Tierfon Base Quartermaster:
Staff Sergeant xx (xxx xxx) [OaS]
Contribution: 2

Black Squadron Ground Crew:
Technical Sergeant Resh Waydeen (Human male) - ground crew lead
Senior Tech xxx xxx (xx xxx)
Tech Ulla Pirim (xxx male) -

Tierfon Base Droids:
Black Squadron astromechs:
General Duty labor:
3 ASP-7

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