Operational Sphere

Sumitra and Nearby Sectors in the Expansion Region

Nearby Mid Rim Sectors

Nearby Outer Rim Sectors
The Tierfon base primarily provides starfighter support for missions throughout the Sumitra Sector.

Depending on the nature and scope of the operation, Black Squadron pilots from Tierfon may range into the nearby Ploo, Dentari, and Farstey Sectors in the Expansion Region as well as Trans-Vulta, Thusa, and Venaarian Sectors in the Mid Rim and Ojoster and Mandalore Sectors of the Outer Rim.

Less frequently the squadron may be called upon to aid military actions in the Inner Rim, namely the close-by
Nouane and Shataum Sectors.

SpecForce teams leaving from the secret Tierfon base tend to range much further afield than the X-wings. Due to their highly specialized training and elite status, SpecForce teams might deploy to virtually anywhere in the galaxy, although many of their missions are targeted to directly aid the local Sector Command.

As one might expect, the OaS supported 'free trader' privateers or rag-tag Alliance Intelligence (Irregulars) teams who call Tierfon home also find themselves working over a bigger swath of space than the starfighter pilots. One job might see them deep in the Core while the next they are out on the edge of the Outer Rim.

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