Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Desperate Allies (P)Review

Fellow gamers, I picked up my copy of Desperate Allies today. While I need some time to read it thoroughly, I thought I'd post a summary of what's in it.


Page(s): Contents

1: Opening crawl

2: Inside title page/credits

3: Table of contents

4: Fiction

5-9: Overview of Diplomats and their role in the Rebellion

10-41: "Voices of Revolution"--Expanded Diplomat backgrounds and duties; three new species (the Caamasi, Gossam and Neimoidian); three new specializations (the Advocate, Analyst and Propagandist); new Diplomat motivations; two signature ability trees (Diplomatic Solution and Unmatched Insight)

42-65: "Tools of Intrigue"--Seven ranged weapons; five melee and brawl weapons; twelve types of armor; twenty other equipment items, including some cool stuff for espionage; seven types of droids, including the familiar LOM-series and TC-series; two landspeeders; two airspeeders; five starships; and four starship modifications

66-96: "Diplomatic Missions"--Suggestions for missions that focus on Diplomats, social encounters; two short political mission scenarios; expanded rules for Rebel bases; two short Diplomat scenarios; suggestions for Diplomat rewards