The Opposition

The main source of opposition for the rebels stationed at Tierfon comes from the Imperial Navy (Sumitra Sector).

Sumitra Sector Military and Civilian Leader
Moff Bevel Jusik (Human male)
The highest ranking Imperial officer in Sumitra Sector, Moff Bevel Jusik is in charge of the civilian planetary governors and the Navy and Army forces stationed here. Moff Jusik rules the sector from a fortified compound on Boordii IV, where he also acts as the world's governor.

Imperial Navy, Sumitra Sector Fleet Commander
Fleet Admiral Cantari Rast (Human male)
The highest ranking person from the Imperial Navy permanently assigned to Sumitra Sector is Fleet Admiral Cantari Rast. His flagship, the Victory-class star destroyer Indomitable Will, uses the space station in orbit above Boordii IV as a home base.
An entire sector is usually assigned a naval force at least 5 times larger than that found in Sumitra. Being a small (and some in the Core would say inconsequential) sector in the Expansion Region, Sumitra never had a large military presence, even dating back to the Republic. To make matters worse, as the Galactic Civil War has raged on, precious resources have been drawn from Sumitra for re-assignment to higher priority areas of space. This has left the Sector fleet with barely more than 350 capital-class combat starships, spearheaded by six aging Victory-class star destroyers.

Imperial Navy, Sumitra Sector TIE Commander
Rear-Admiral Astor Feskin (Human male)
The depleted nature of the Sector Fleet is felt most acutely in the low overall number of TIE fighters available. Shortages of these iconic starfighters have been widespread throughout the galaxy, causing much shuffling between sectors. As usual, Sumitra is on the losing end of these internal struggles for precious resources. Currently Sumitra includes a force of approximately 300 TIE fighters of various types. The command is made up of mostly TIE/ln, although some TIE/rc recon craft and TIE/sa bombers are fielded as well. Each Victory-class star destroyer has a full complement of the craft aboard (two embarked TIE squadrons each) and two wings are permanently stationed on Boordii IV. The remaining 7 squadrons are deployed as needed among the sector capital ships with appropriate hangar space. In the end, Moff Jusik has a standing request in to Imperial Center to at least triple the number of TIE squadrons assigned to Sumitra. His request is unlikely to be acted upon any time soon.

Imperial Army, Sumitra Sector Ground Commander
Major-General Malcor Nu (Human male)
The head of all Imperial Army assets stationed in the sector is Major-General Malcor Nu. Sector HQ is a sprawling collection of buildings on Boordii IV, not far from Moff Jusik's compound.
If the Imperial Navy presence in the Sumitra Sector is inadequate, the state of the Imperial Army here is downright scandalous. A Corps-sized element is all that remains for the entire sector, something less than 50,000 combat personnel. The Army usually considers this number of soldiers to be adequate as a planetary invasion force. It is impossible to imagine that the Imperial Army (Sumitra) could project ground combat power across 12,000+ inhabitable planets and moons in the sector. Instead, Major-General Nu focuses on securing the capital planet of Boordii IV and sending platoon-sized protection details along with each of the 34 ISB agents at work in Sumitra tracking down Rebel spies.

2312th Stormtrooper Legion Commander
High Colonel Vilim Kael (Human male)
The top-ranking stormtrooper commander in the Sumitra Sector is High Colonel Vilim Kael. He heads up a full legion, called the 2312th. Technically headquartered in a separate group of buildings on the Imperial Army base on Boordi IV, his almost 10,000 stormtroopers are mostly dispersed, assigned to the various Navy capital ships in the Sector fleet. One battalion is permanently assigned to the base, however, and one entire company is used as an elite protection detail for Moff Jusik.

Imperial Security Bureau
Commander Xemus Drallig (Human male)
A highly effective member of the ISB, Commander Drallig is in charge of the Sumitra Sector ISB contingent working to uncover agents of the Rebel Alliance operating in the region. Besides directing the pursuit of a couple of known Rebel cells scattered here and there, Commander Drallig is intensely interested in finding the suspected location of one or more Rebel starfighter bases thought to be active in the Sector.

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