The following chart shows hyperspace travel times (in hours) for the x1 class hyperdrive. This table is using the 5700 ly/hr for class 1 convention.


  1. The Clone Wars, Season 4, episode 1 "Water Wars":

    Mace Windu tells Anakin, Padme, and Captain Ackbar that reinforcements (Ashoka, Kit Fisto, and a company of clone troopers) will arrive " the end of the day."

    Using FFG's (and WotC's before it) nebulous system for hyperspace travel times, a trip across fully half the galaxy (from Coruscant to Mon Calamari) should take between half a week to one-and-a-half weeks.

    Using the (itself questionable*) 0.6 hyperdrive rating for the Acclamator I-class vessel, found on Wookiepedia, we see that the minimum canon trip length should be 50.4 hours. This makes Mace Windu a liar!

    *It is unlikely that a troop carrying capital ship can travel through hyperspace faster than a starfighter or a light freighter, but there you have it.

  2. According to my Hyperspace Travel Times chart (above), this trip would take the Acclamator I-class vessel only 5.5 hours.

    I guess Mace Windu agrees with me!