Saturday, April 26, 2014

Big News

For this post I have two important news items.

First and foremost is the publication of the Age of Rebellion beginner game by Fantasy Flight Games. I am very excited about this. While I very much like the rules system for Edge of the Empire, I really want to use it to run adventures for characters fighting against the Empire. Helping to tell those kinds of stories is the purpose of this blog, after all. The beginner game provides an introductory scenario very similar to that of the Edge of the Empire beginner game, except that it has the heroes raiding a potential new base rather than fleeing from a vengeful crime boss. There's also a bonus adventure PDF with more material for using the base as a jumping-off point for Rebel activity.

Age of Rebellion Beginner Game Support Material

Second, there's a big announcement on regarding the future of storytelling in the Galaxy Far, Far Away. It seems the powers that be are putting together a team to oversee continuity of future Expanded Universe material. What is more, they are not beholden to any of the existing material as they move forward. Check out the linked video for more information.

The Legendary Star Wars Universe Turns a New Page


  1. Have to say I am not surprised, but I am a bit sad, that the new movies will not "honor" the already made Expanded Universe.

    I am bracing for what might be a series of entertaining, but explosion-laced and very non-Star Wars movies coming out. In my mind, these new movies will be the ones not accepted into canon if they are too different from what has come before. I don't trust J.J. Abrams, based on his spectacular (and vulgar, in the classic sense of the word) Star Trek movies.

    He will have the singular distinction of ruining the two great Sci Fi franchises of our era! Astounding...

  2. To be fair, there really was no way the new movies could respect the EU material. There is practically no creative space left in the desired section of the timeline*. You also cannot allow a single writer, writing add-on fluff for a shared world (the original Zahn trilogy) to derail or constrain the new (multiple!) movies and TV shows. I like the Thrawn/Zahn trilogy, but I don't think it was ever meant to be the definitive word on that era of Star Wars guess is it was approved at a time when it was considered likely that nothing else would ever over-ride it.

    *Depending on how many levels of Holocron canon one wished to respect, there may be no creative space left in *any* portion of the timeline!