Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Please welcome a boatload of new named NPCs for the Tierfon Campaign! A couple of the Alliance High Command Chiefs were never named anywhere, as far as I could tell, and General Vernon has never had a first name (before now).

The rest are made up. Hopefully they all sound Star Wars enough for our purposes.

High Command

Alliance Intelligence Chief General Roan Vernon (human male)
Alliance Sector Command Chief General Joba Dass (human female)
Alliance Support Services Chief General Seti Nee (Gran female)

Tierfon Base

Sumitra Sector Command:

Major Kento Moorla (human male) - Tierfon’s commanding officer
Captain Prestor Sykes (human male) - Tierfon second-in-command
Lieutenant Sola Bast (human female) - Tierfon Security Chief, Juno’s sister

Starfighter Command:

Squadron Leader Kareene Argent (human female) - Black Squadron leader
Flight Lieutenant Bren Axmis (human male) - Black Squadron pilot
Flight Officer Natasi Clovis (human female) - Black Squadron pilot
Flight Officer Nar Syndulla (Twi’lek male) - Black Squadron pilot
Flight Officer Tomaas Hardeen (human male) - Black Squadron pilot
Flight Officer Zeva Kuro (Zabrak female) - Black Squadron pilot
Flight Officer Raako Tosh (Mon Calamari male) - Black Squadron pilot
Technical Sergeant Resh Waydeen (human male) - Black Squadron ground crew lead


Lieutenant Juno Bast (human female) - Tierfon Intelligence Lead, Sola’s sister
2nd Lieutenant Oro Omas (Mon Calamari female)

Spec Force:

Sergeant Trak Bondaloo (human male)
First Trooper Noa Sarn (human male)

Support Services Command:

Senior Trooper Kal Bandi (human male) - Tierfon base cook

Sumitra Sector Imperials

Overall Command

Moff Bevel Jusik (human male) - in charge of both civilian planetary governors and the Imperial military throughout Sumitra Sector

Imperial Navy (Sumitra)

Fleet Admiral Cantari Rast (human male) - Sumitra Sector Fleet Commander
Rear-Admiral Astor Drall (human male) - Sumitra Sector TIE Commander

Imperial Army (Sumitra)

Major-General Malcor Nu (human male) - Sumitra Sector Ground Commander

2312th Stormtrooper Legion (currently assigned to Sumitra Sector)

High Colonel Vilim Kael (human male) - Legion Commander

Imperial Inquistion (Sumitra Sector)

Inquisitor Xemus Drallig (human male)

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