Saturday, March 14, 2015

Silhouette Notes

I have been reviewing the FFG vehicle profiles in preparation for learning about vehicle combat. Here are some notes and thoughts along those lines.

Sil 0: smaller than human-sized, e.g. Jawa
Sil 1: human-sized, approx. 2m
Sil 2: somewhere around 5m (3-7-ish)
Sil 3: around 12m (8-17 or so)
Sil 4: around 30m (20-40)
Sil 5: around 150 m (50-250)
Sil 6: around 350m (300-450)
Sil 7: around 650m (500-1000)
Sil 8: around 2000m (1100-3500)
Sil 9: everything else except a Death Star (4000-20,000)
Sil 10: Death Star I & II (120000-160000 +)

Using these rough range bands, I propose the following changes to correct outliers:

Incom T-16 Skyhopper (ERB) should be Sil 3 not 2
1-L Imperial Repulsortank (ST) should be Sil 4 not 3
Superflare modified Flare-S swoop (DC) should be Sil 2 not 3
Trast A-A5 speeder truck (ERB) should be Sil 4 not 3
Victory-class SD should be Sil 7 not 8


  1. I would further propose that the Sil of the Victory-class SD be reduced from 8 to 7.

    I would modify the Sil 7 boundaries to be ~500-1000m, and the Sil 8 boundaries to be ~1100-3500m.

    That feels right to me, that the Victory-class SD is literally in a different category than the Imperial-class SD. As it should be, Star Wars fans!

  2. Made the changes above in the original post.