Thursday, May 14, 2015

Learning the Ropes

I have been reading a nice little book called "The Bounty Hunter Code".

It's in the same vein as the "Millennium Falcon Owner's Workshop Manual" I bought some time back. This book is focused, as one might imagine, on the bounty hunter's Guild. Ostensibly a training manual provided to newcomers to this dangerous profession, the book covers the ins and outs of tracking and capturing elusive and dangerous quarry. It has a number of cool ideas and facts inside; a great resource for an Edge of the Empire game for sure, and a nice book to tide one over until the FFG Edge Bounty Hunter book comes out (there has to be one in the pipeline...right?).

1 comment:

  1. I kind of like it, the houses + wikipedia allows for some interesting ideas (Ragnar + Edge of the Empire characters = your party ends up hunting rebels). They did not see that one coming, and now the rebels are looking for one of my players to ask him some pointed questions. That's what happens when you kill a senior acquisition officer that has been identified :).