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Force and Destiny (P)Review

After having a chance to browse the new book, I wrote up a summary of what one can expect from it.


Force and Destiny (P)Review
Presented here is an overview of what one can expect from the new Force and Destiny core rulebook.

Pages 1-2: Inside title pages

Page 3: Opening crawl

Page 4: Credits

Page 5: Table of contents

Introduction (pages 6-13)
This chapter provides some introductory fiction, an example of play, an overview of the game's style and focus.

Chapter 1 (pages 14-39): Playing the Game
This is pretty familiar fare, consistent with material from the previous two core rulebooks.

Chapter 2 (pages 40-109): Character Creation
While the layout of this chapter is standard, it presents numerous new possibilities for players.
  • Morality, of course, is the new mechanic akin to Obligation and Duty.
  • The species for this game are Cerean, Human, Kel Dor, Mirialan, Nautolan, Togruta, Twi'lek and Zabrak.
  • There are six new careers, each with its own specializations—Consular (Healer, Niman Disciple and Sage); Guardian (Peacekeeper, Protector and Soresu Defender); Mystic (Advisor, Makashi Duelist and Seer); Seeker (Ataru Striker, Hunter and Pathfinder); Sentinel (Artisan, Shadow and Shien Expert); Warrior (Aggressor, Shii-Cho Knight and Starfighter Ace).
  • New motivations specific to Force-users
  • Suggestions for group resources, including a starship, along with a Jedi holocron or mentor

Chapter 3 (pages 110-133): Skills
This is pretty familiar stuff, too.

Chapter 4 (pages 134-153): Talents
This chapter breaks down the talents for the new careers and specializations. There seems to be a lot of new material, given the Force-centered nature of those character options.

Chapter 5 (pages 154-201): Gear and Equipment
While much of this is similar to what one can find in the other core rulebooks, there are some notable exceptions.
  • For one thing, there's new material involving different kinds of lightsabers, various cortosis items, types of robes, etc.
  • There's information about holocrons and ancient talismans, too.
  • Lightsaber modifications are added to the list of those for other weapons, including different types of crystals.

Chapter 6 (pages 202-227): Conflict and Combat
This is pretty familiar stuff.

Chapter 7 (pages 228-271): Starships and Vehicles
The mechanics in this chapter are much the same as those in previous core rulebooks, but the different types of vehicles detailed provide some variety.
  • Airspeeders: Civilian model, Talon 1 cloud car
  • Landspeeders: Passenger model, A-A3 light speeder truck, 85-XS Odyssey heavy speeder bike
  • Wheeled and tracked vehicles: Gallis-Tech 48 roller, groundcar
  • Walkers: AT-HCT
  • Starfighters: Y-Wing, Delta-6, Delta-7, Delta-12, Lambda shuttle, Pathfinder scout ship, X-Wing, TIE/LN
  • Freighters and transports: G9 Rigger, HWK-290, HT-2200, Simiyiar light freighter, ZH-25 Questor
  • Capital ships: ADZ-class destroyer, CR90 corvette, IR-3F light frigate, Victory-class star destroyer

Chapter 8 (pages 272-305): The Force
This chapter provides, not surprisingly, a lot of new material.
  • There's a lengthy overview of using the Force in play.
  • Eleven new Force power trees: Battle Meditation, Bind, Enhance, Foresee, Heal/Harm, Influence, Misdirect, Move, Protect/Unleash, Seek and Sense.

Chapter 9 (pages 306-339): The Game Master
The material in this chapter resembles that from other core rulebooks, except that it is tailored to adventures and campaigns involving Force-users.

Chapter 10 (pages 340-375): The Galaxy
This chapter provides an overview of the Star Wars galaxy, as expected, along with new planetary profiles: Cerea, Coruscant, Dagobah, Dorin, Ilum, Moraband (Korriban), Ossus, Weik.

Chapter 11 (pages 376-397): The Jedi and the Sith
There's a comprehensive account of these two organizations' histories, along with overviews of other Force-using sects and their lost artifacts.

Chapter 12 (pages 398-421): Adversaries
The NPCs detailed in this section include some interesting new ones, including the Imperial assassin, the IG-100 Magnaguard, different types of Force-users, and new creatures: acklay, jackobeast, jubba bird, kaaten, kouhun, maalraa, tusk cat, vornskr and ysalamir. There's also a section specific to the Inquisitorius.

Chapter 13 (pages 422-440): Lessons from the Past scenario
I didn't read this one, because I intend to play it at some point.

Pages 441-444: Index

Pages 445-8: Character sheet, ship sheet and base of operations sheet

All in all, this book provides lots of new material for using the Force in Star Wars adventures. Most notably, I think it would be invaluable for running adventures and campaigns set in time periods other than the Rebellion Era. 

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