Monday, October 26, 2015

Ranks of the ISB

ISB "Agent" rank
I have been working on a rank and insignia structure for ISB agents and officers. The plaque above is like that worn by Agent Kallus. I have previously guesstimated that an ISB "Agent" such as him would be about the same rank as a Imperial Navy Lieutenant Commander. No doubt ISB Agents would be given a wider berth in their dealings with the Imperial Military than what their mere rank would afford them, but it seems a decent sort of place for an Agent to fit in.

We also have to, within this proposed rank structure, take into account ISB Colonel Wulff Yularen (plaque = 3 red squares at left, 3 blue squares at right) and another (unnamed, I think) white uniformed ISB agent also seen on the Death Star (plaque = reverse of Yularen).

Finally, as an upper bound, we need to account for the plaque worn by Armand Isard (and later by his daughter, Ysanne). It is the equivalent of the Imperial Navy's Fleet Admiral. Seems about right. The Tarkin book held some hints as to the ranks of various top level "cabinet" positions within the Military Intelligence, etc, so I will have to do some cross-checking.

Curious about the other rank structures and insignia I've cobbled together? Here are links to the Imperials and the Rebels.

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