Thursday, December 31, 2015

Han Solo Trilogy

I just finished reading an old book; part 1 in the Han Solo Trilogy: "The Paradise Snare" by A.C. Crispin, from 1997.

I like this novel, both as the start to a trilogy for our beloved Han's backstory, and as a development piece showing us some of the inner workings of Hutt space, Corellia, and Coruscant. A good match for the most recent Star Wars RPG book I purchased, "Lords of Nal Hutta".

A few notes on the book:

*A number of new (for the time) aliens appear: Togorians, skin changing Aar'aa, t'landa Til (tree trunk legged quadruped cousins of Hutts), Berrites (mentioned only, said to be larger than Wookiees), Zisian (Ganar Tos; loose, wrinkly green skin, orange eyes).

*Good story, nice intro to new places, good blend of old stuff as well. Good pacing, especially after the early back story is set and the action picks up. Excited to read the next two (which I have on hand).

Overall, a solid addition to me preferred canon.

On the side, I am also reading "The Force Awakens Visual Encyclopedia" and the Kindle version of the novelization for "The Force Awakens". More thoughts on those two next post. I am split on the new movie. As I think about it, I find that I like the characters and the small details but not the big ideas and overall story arc.

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