Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Rogue Squadron Oddballs


Issue "1/2"
Released in February 1997.
Set in the Galactic Civil War Era, 0 ABY
Written by Micheal A. Stackpole
Penciller Gary Erskine
Letterer Annie Parkhouse
Cover Art Christopher Moeller

Issue "Special"
Released in August 1995.
Set in the New Republic Era, ~4 ABY
Written by Ryder Windham
Penciller John Nadeau
Letterer Steve Dutro
Cover Art Mark Harrison

These two are technically a part of the Star Wars: X-Wing Rogue Squadron comic legacy from Dark Horse. They are both oddballs, however.

The "1/2" issue takes place right before the Battle of Yavin. Short story, older art. Good, but odd. The Rogues (before they were Rogues, I guess) start out in a bar on Commenor. A smuggler named Nera Dantels (who has a thing for Biggs Darklighter, and who would later go on to pilot a B-wing in the FFG Rebel Aces expansion set) delivers a load of astromech droids. Imperial entanglements ensue en route to the hyperspace jump point (the squadron wants to return to Yavin). One of the X-wings selflessly takes one for the team, allowing the others to make good their escape.

The "Special" issue was released as a part of a Kellogg's Apple Jacks promotion. It's a very short story with old art, odd and inconsistent material, and overall underwhelming. The action takes place on the planet Tandankin, and all the Rogues are using "Red Squadron" call signs. Wedge is a Commander. Luke is there. Eh.

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