Monday, October 24, 2016


Just finished this good new book, Ahsoka by E. K . Johnston. Technically a Young Adult type book, it was a quick read and well written.

The story takes our heroine from sometime after her departure from the Jedi Order up through her becoming intermingled with the growing rebellion under Senator Bail Organa.

She has to hide, and keep moving, and stay out of trouble. Until she can't ignore the problems the Empire is causing all around her. So she takes action, at first locally, then on a broader scale.

A good entry into the canon, I'd say. Ties in with Star Wars: Rebels, of course, as well as Clone Wars.

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  1. It took me a bit of doing to get into this one but, once the plot picked up, I was hooked. I like how this novel provides a transition for Ahsoka from the Clone Wars into the Galactic Civil War. What is more, it provides another look at how the Rebellion can slowly build on different worlds, especially when taken together with the Rebels TV series and the Rogue One movie.