Sunday, November 6, 2016


Just finishing up Star Wars Adventure Journal, Vol. 1, No. 5 (WEG, February 1995). Another fine issue, to my mind. Some highlights include and interview with Bill Smith (who was editor of the WEG Star Wars line at 26 years old) wherein he describes writing the 2nd edition of the Star Wars RPG. He joined the company in 1990, had written the 2nd edition rulebook for a 1992 release, and had just celebrated his 4th year working a WEG as of the time of this interview. A solo choose-your-own-adventure where you play a protocol droid was fun. An interesting recap of the "Star Wars Summit", a get-together for all Star Wars licensees hosted in November 1994 at Skywalker Ranch, included some of the earliest information on two major announcements: the Shadows of the Empire multi-media release, and the future plans for what would become the Prequel Trilogy. Exciting times, back then!

The fun continues with a cool little adventure on a gas giant (not Bespin, but similar). We are treated to another installment of Charlene Newcomb's ongoing story about the rebel activity on Garos IV. The Galaxywide NewsNets snippets are interesting, and we get another story/comic at the end, describing a Rebel operation against an Imperial target.

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