Thursday, February 2, 2017

Galactic Coordinates

Rogue One introduced us to a number of new planets. The new book "Rogue One: The Ultimate Visual Guide" provides, among many other things, a nice new map. The following planets appear somewhere in the galaxy for the first time, to my knowledge: Lah'mu, Jedha, Eadu, Scarif, Ring of Kafrene, Wobani, and Lothal (I have been idly wondering about this one for quite awhile). I will be adding these worlds to the Gazeteer feature of this blog. Here are the rough galactic coordinates, in the meantime.

Lah'mu: L-3 (Outer Rim)
Jedha: H-11 (Mid Rim)
Eadu: U-10 (Outer Rim)
Scarif: T-15 (Outer Rim)
Ring of Kafrene: K-15 (Expansion Region)
Wobani: R-8 (Mid Rim)
Lothal: T-8 (Outer Rim)

I suppose I will add the relevant Episode VII planets, too: D'Qar, Hosnian Prime, Jakku, and Takodana.

I will be having another post very soon wherein I will explore what Rogue One has to say about galactic travel times via hyperspace. Hint: they are very short!


  1. By the way, this is a very good (and very long) book. I have been quite pleased with it as I move along, staring intently at the pictures and reading the short snippets here, there, and everywhere.

  2. For now, I have updated my Gazetteer ( with the new planets, keeping the old hyperspace travel speed in place (5700 ly/hr for class 1).