Saturday, March 11, 2017

Crimson Empire


Issues 1-6 "Crimson Empire"
Released in August, September, October, July 1998.
Set in the New Republic Era, ~11 ABY
Written by Mike Richardson & Randy Stradley
Penciller Paul Gulacy
Letterer Sean Konot
Cover Dave Dorman

This series has long been on the fringes of my awareness. I meant to pick it up multiple times. I almost purchased all three series at once. Ultimately, I was swayed by the first appearances of two TIE Interceptor ace characters from the X-Wing game: Kir Kanos and Carnor Jax, and by promise of mention of Rogue Squadron herein.

Turns out, not much to see, in my opinion. I am not sure how an Imperial Guard has claimed the fallen Emperor's throne (and I am fairly sure I don't want to know). Much was made of a long extended fight sequence between Jax and Kanos, late in the series. I guess it's ok. I don't care for the extreme level of super-humanity displayed by the Royal Guard. I know this is a comic book, but please. Show some restraint! 

As for the Rogue Squadron piece: they do show up (briefly, at the end) but they are flying B-wings and E-wings (that most disgusting of Star Wars craft, to my eye). Wedge is also present, but he's not exactly in an X-wing, either...

Glad I read it, should have seen if I could borrow it from the library or something. Even the inclusion of X-wing pictures on later covers will not entice me to buy Crimson 2 and 3. I may try out that library idea...

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  1. I'm inclined to agree. I was blown away by Dark Empire when it was first published, but as the later canon pushed onward through Dark Empire II and Empire's End, this, and then into the New Jedi Order, I fell off the wagon. I might have the later parts of this series, if I dig through some boxes.