Sunday, May 14, 2017

Guardians of the Whills

Just finished reading this nice volume- Guardians of the Whills (Greg Rucka, 2017). Technically a Young Adult tale, we follow some of the happenings on Jedha before the events of Rogue One. Our two main protagonists are featured on the cover: Baze Malbus, the light repeater heavy-hitter and (Kentucky Cheroot) Imwe, the blind force sensitive.

I like these two. Rucka does a great job writing these characters with the correct voice and feel. I love their playful banter. I like grumpy Malbus and hopeful Imwe.

We get to see how quality of life on Jedha has declined drastically since the Empire arrived. Our heroes get to make a major difference in the lives of some residents. Overall a solid addition to my preferred canon.


  1. I find it kind of funny that these "young adult" novels are consistently more satisfying than the "adult" novels.

    1. I agree. How strange.

      Perhaps it is because a Star Wars tale is most successful when it is simple. We're talking about pretty close to basics, here: black vs. white, good vs. evil, light side vs. dark side. Not much room (nor desire) for nuanced moral dilemmas, etc.