Sunday, August 6, 2017

Number 8

I have been reading this issue, on and off, for quite some time: Star Wars Adventure Journal, Vol. 1, No. 8 (WEG, Nov 1995). Picking at it, really, between other reading tasks. Months go by. I did not make a whole ton of progress. Suffice it to say, I think this was the least interesting (personally) issue to date. There were a lot of very long, somewhat boring, entries in this issue. Big walls of words to hack through. I finally skipped ahead a few times and called it quits.

Some highlights: I am always a fan of the Galaxywide NewsNets articles. Two pieces of fiction stood out: "A Certain Point of View" by Charlene Newcomb and "Uhl Eharl Khoeng" by Patricia A. Jackson. 

I also love the unavoidable time-capsule nature of these old books. When this one came out, the following was happening for the first time in the Star Wars Expanded Universe:

*you could "Check the Yellow Pages for the nearest Waldenbooks" in order to pick up the new WEG supplement Galaxy Guide 12: Aliens.

*the massive, multi-platform "Shadows of the Empire" media and product blitz was just around the corner (slated for spring, 1996). All Star Wars licensees were in on it, all with something to contribute. Very exciting!

*Star Wars trilogy with remastered THX sound released on VHS

*Bantam books was set to release two exciting paperbacks: in December 1995 it was "Tales from Jabba's Palace", and in January 1996 it was "X-Wing: Rogue Squadron" (the first of Stackpole's novels).

*As always, you were reminded that you can pick up the Star Wars Miniatures Battles Starter Set at any B. Dalton Bookseller near you (check the Yellow Pages for locations).

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