Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Coordinated Action

Just this last weekend I ran Operation Polar Strike at a local game convention, Con of the North. We had a fun time infiltrating a new TIE base on a moon orbiting Flax. Then blowing it up.

My previous post (entitled "Report on Operation Polar Strike") features a bit of an after action wrap-up of the mission. The players did very well. They kept the raid running at a brisk pace and did not get split up, separated or trapped in the Imperial installation. Many blaster bolts flew in this one, as you might expect of a typical Alliance SpecForce assignment. Add in some demolition charges and a number of grenades (both stun and frag), and you get the idea.

Here is a link to download the adventure background and notes, a PC pre-game read aloud script (an homage to WEG), and the six SpecForce PCs (on form fillable PDF sheets).

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