Sunday, February 15, 2015

Report on Operation Polar Strike

To: Brigadier Reese, Sumitra Sector Command
From: Lieutenant Juno Bast, Intelligence
Regarding: Operation Polar Strike

Brigadier Reese:

   Operation Polar Strike commenced yesterday, 1400 hours Tierfon time, as scheduled. The SpecForce team was transported to the target installation near Flax by a co-opted automated resupply vessel.
   Once inside Hangar 3, the team preserved their cover by eliminating a protocol droid en route to a utility crawlspace access point. The SpecForce troopers then gained entry to the crawlspace and maneuvered toward their objectives in Hangar 1, the new home to an entire wing of TIE fighters.
   Right on schedule the team broke their cover and raided the TIE fighter launch control facility, ultimately removing the ability for the TIEs to leave their landing racks. The team also disabled all entry doors into Hangar 1, then began their assault on the Secondary Shielding Reactor complex, located adjacent to the hangar bay.
   Even before the reactor facility was fully secured the team set to work planting their demolition charges on the hypermatter containment structure. The team fought bravely, holding out through a number of Imperial counter-attacks on their position. At least two of the operators were gravely wounded during the battle. Thanks to the quick action and medical expertise of Trooper Leda Sturm, all of the SpecForce raiders were ultimately able to leave the installation under their own power.
   Against mounting opposition, the team continued to hold the Secondary Reactor section until the next phase of the operation began, a starfighter attack coordinated with the arrival of a light freighter extraction vessel.
   The crew of the light freighter flew their craft into the TIE hangar itself, rendezvousing with the SpecForce team just outside the Secondary Shielding Reactor. Under intense enemy fire, the team leapt to onto the hull of the transport as it hovered 10 meters above the hangar floor.
   Soon after exiting the installation the demolition charges exploded, destroying the hangar and its contents. The resultant blast critically damaged the rest of the Imperial base as well.
   All involved in this daring raid should be commended for their bravery and resourcefulness.

Lieutenant Juno Bast
Alliance Intelligence
Tierfon Base, Sumitra Sector

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