Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Oolex Flotilla

Officially called the Alliance to Restore the Republic Sumitra Sector Fleet, the small group of vessels assigned to the region including Tierfon is more commonly known as the Oolex Flotilla. Taking their name from an early rendezvous location in the sector, the Oolex Pulsar, this collection of ships is under the same standing orders as other Alliance Fleets: avoid direct confrontation with the Empire.

The head of the Oolex Flotilla is Rear-Admiral Iluna Tanik, a human female originally from Alk’Lellish. Her flagship is a brand new Mon Calamari MC40a light cruiser called Insurgence.

The rest of the Oolex Flotilla includes ten former Corporate Sector Marauder-class corvettes, eight aging CR90 corvettes, and a dozen DP20 frigates. These capital ships are supported by many smaller craft, including dozens of civilian freighters and over one hundred starfighters.

The major vessels most commonly seen in and around the Tierfon system include:
DP20 frigate Tocan Sun, Commander Adira Serth (Human female)
DP20 frigate Geedon, Commander Ren Xergo (Nautolan female)
CR90 corvette Abundance, Commander Var Ferran (Zabrak male)
Marauder-class corvette Starflare, Captain Kylath Landala (Human male)
Gray Squadron (Y-wings embarked on the Starflare)
Marauder-class corvette Triumph, Captain Boz Zarkot (Duros male)
White Squadron (Y-wings embarked on the Triumph)

8th Starfighter Group [Sumitra Sector]:
1 Wing (3 X-wing squadrons)
Hawk-bat Squadron: X-wing, based on MC40a Insurgence
Gundark Squadron: X-wing, Ptera system asteroid field base
Nexu Squadron: X-wing, based on Marauder-class corvette Destiny

2 Wing (1 A-wing squadron, 2 B-wing squadrons)
Green Squadron: A-wing, based on Marauder-class corvette Hammer of Reegian
Blue Squadron: B-wing, based on Marauder-class corvette Nova
Gold Squadron: B-wing, based on Marauder-class corvette Rebellion

3 Wing (1 X-wing squadron, 2 Y-wing squadrons)
Black Squadron: X-wing, Tierfon Rebel Base
Gray Squadron: Y-wing, Marauder-class corvette Starflare
White Squadron: Y-wing, Marauder-class corvette Triumph

3 Wing, 8th Starfighter Group originally consisted of 3 loosely affiliated training squadrons all flying BTL-S3 Y-wing starfighters. After the Tierfon Yellow Aces were decimated at the Battle of Tocan, the Wing was rebuilt as Black, White, and Gray Squadrons. The former Yellow Aces pilots were given X-wing starfighters to replace their lost Y-wings, while the renamed White and Gray squadrons kept their original BTL-S3 craft. Around this same time, the duty status of 3 Wing was boosted to full active and White and Gray Squadrons were assigned to their current capital ships. No longer just a remote low risk training outpost, the pilots of Tierfon joined the fight against the Empire in earnest.

The 8th Starfighter Group is commanded by Group Captain Beka Donos (Human female).
3 Wing is commanded by Wing Commander Koskit Ursi’tvo (Bothan female).

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