Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Shattered Empire #1 Review

Following up on my review of Aftermath--and continuing the "Journey to The Force Awakens"--is a review of the first issue from the new Shattered Empire series.

With a single issue of a comic book, one can only do so much. That is the case with issue #1 of Shattered Empire. The issue starts out at the Battle of Endor, showing some of the famous moments and then introducing a new character, Shara Bey (Green 4). Following the battle, she is reunited with her SpecForce Pathfinder husband, Kes Dameron. (That last name should sound familiar, by the way.) They have a little downtime before the Pathfinder is called off on a new mission, one that leads to an important discovery and, presumably, another assignment. It's a solid start to the series, even if it leaves the reader wondering what will happen next. I'm interested to see.

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  1. This sounds cool: starfighter pilot and SpecForce Pathfinder...a romance.