Saturday, November 14, 2015

Rise, Lord Vader

Just finished this book from 2005, which has been re-branded "Legends" in the new canon. A very entertaining read, this one is like "Kenobi" in that I'm not sure why it wouldn't be fully consistent with the Disney canon.

The story begins just before Order 66 is issued. A small group of Jedi fighting on the Separatist world of Murkhana manage to avoid being killed by the clones they lead. The group eventually gets off world, but not before a run in with the brand new (and not-yet fully solidified) Darth Vader. The Clone Wars ends almost immediately after Order 66, as droid armies are shut down and the conflict comes to an abrupt (and confusing, for observers) conclusion. The Jedi survivors from Murkhana meet up with some other straggler Jedi, journey to Alderaan, then things come to a head on the forested world of Kashyyk, where Darth Vader leads an invasion with dual aims: wipe out the Jedi and secure thousands and thousands of Wookiee slaves for Tarkin's still-secret superweapon project.

Old friends make appearances: Bail Organa, Mon Mothma, Obi-wan Kenobi, Chewbacca. By the end of the story, Vader is much more sure of himself, settling more comfortably into the role of Sith Lord.

Next up: I am going to try to track down "Darth Plagieus" to see how all of this Palpatine situation got started in the first place.

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