Sunday, November 15, 2015

Strongholds of Resistance (P)Review

I've been waiting for this book since back during the summer; its inclusion of Tierfon Outpost makes it naturally of interest to me. Here's a preview of the contents, and I'll post a more thorough review once I've had some time to read it.


Strongholds of Resistance (P)Review
Presented here is an overview of what one can expect from the new Strongholds of Resistance supplement.

Page 1: Opening crawl

Page 2: Inside title page

Page 3: Table of contents

Page 4: Fiction

Pages 5-7: Overview and summary

Chapter 1 (pages 8-65): Worlds in Revolt
This chapter presents overviews of different worlds, much as was done by Suns of Fortune and Lords of Hutt Space. They include Chandrila, Kinyen, Mon Cala (Dac), Sullust, Ord Gimmel, the Roche Asteroid Field, Thyferra and Yavin IV. There are also shorter blurbs for Barkhesh, Chardaan, Contruum, Hoth, Kolaador, Mygeeto, New Alderaan, Sanctuary, Talay and Vergesso Base.

Chapter 2 (pages 66-95): Hidden Bases
In this chapter one can find an overview of using Rebel bases in adventures, along with descriptions of, and maps for, Echo Base on Hoth, Polis Massa Base, Tierfon Outpost and Defiant Core Base.

Chapter 3 (pages 96-119): Player Options
This chapter presents new species (the Polis Massan, Quarren and Verpine); almost two dozen weapons and explosives; three suits of armor; three weapon attachments; more than a dozen other equipment items; some cybernetics; six new droids; and six new vehicles.

Chapter 4 (pages 120-143): Modular Encounters
The last part of the book is four modular encounters, again in the style of Suns of Fortune and Lords of Nal Hutta.

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