Friday, February 19, 2016

Meet the Fleet, part 1


This is the first in many posts about the sizable* fleet of X-Wing miniatures I have collected over the last few years. First up is the home team, Black Squadron, currently based at Tierfon. Eight Incom T-65B X-wing starfighters, split into two subgroups: Aurek Flight and Besh Flight. 

In terms of the collection, I got two of these guys in X-Wing Starter sets, one of them with the GR-75 Rebel Transport, and the rest in X-Wing Expansion Packs. I stopped at 8 for two reasons. There are 8 craft based at Tierfon, and there are 8 unique named pilot cards for the miniatures game.

Can't go wrong with these wonderful ships, in my opinion. I'm not much of an actual player of the X-Wing game (I wish I had time to play more), but I love choosing a named pilot, an astromech (usually the correct astromech for that pilot), and a proton torpedo and heading out to vape some TIEs.

As for the actual minis, I see I might need to break off and re-align the mounting peg on at least one of these guys, so they can fly straight. I had to do that on a few other ships so far.

Here's to the T-65! A rugged workhorse of the rebellion.

*How sizable? Well, less than some, I'd wager, but I currently have 73 vessels in my employ. With designs on gathering a few more soon, of course! 

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