Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Meet the Fleet, part 2


The lowly TIE fighter, backbone of the fleet, frontline of the Navy. I have Academy Squadron, a dozen ships, all rookies. Cannon fodder, really. I got four of them in the pair of starter sets I own. The rest came from the TIE expansion packs. I have four more alternate paint scheme craft; two of which came with the Gozanti-class cruiser I bought (the other two came from eBay, from someone else's Gozanti-class cruiser).

Such an iconic craft, the Sienar Fleet Systems TIE/ln. You really do need a horde of them to zoom about, spitting fire at the heroes. Nate and I have played some cooperative games using the fan-made "Heroes of the Atauri Cluster" rules. What fun! We'll have to try all eight T-65Bs from Tierfon's Black Squadron against their equivalent weight in TIEs. Would be glorious, indeed. Another cool one would be Rogue Squadron vs Eyeballs. All the named X-wing pilots you can muster against a faceless wave of bad guys. Probably wouldn't happen just like in the X-Wing novels, though. This is not a very nostalgic game. Heroes can be vaped just as easily as no-name pilots.

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