Sunday, March 13, 2016

Lead by Example (P)Review

I've fallen behind in my rulebook reading; until I'm caught up, here's a quick (p)review of Lead by Example.


Lead by Example (P)Review
Presented here is an overview of what one can expect from the new Strongholds of Resistance supplement.

Page 1: Opening crawl

Page 2: Inside title page

Page 3: Table of contents

Page 4: Fiction

Pages 5-9: Overview and summary

Chapter 1 (pages 10-41): Voice of Authority
This chapter presents ideas for commander backgrounds and duties; three new species (Chagrians, Ishi Tib and Lannik); three new commander specializations (the Figurehead, Instructor and Strategist); commander motivations; and two signature abilities (Rousing Oratory and Unmatched Authority).

Chapter 2 (pages 42-95): Trappings of Command
In this chapter one can find some new clothing and decoration options; one droid, the T-series tactical unit; some new “field equipment” for outfitting and protecting bases; one each of landspeeder, airspeeder and walker; five new starships, all cruisers or bigger; and four commander-oriented ship modifications.

Chapter 3 (pages 60-96): The Tides of Battle
This chapter presents guidelines for using commander characters in a campaign, along with eight pages of mass combat rules and examples, and five pages presenting medals of honor and other awards used by the Rebellion.

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