Friday, March 4, 2016

Meet the Fleet, part 3


The RZ-1 A-wing. Rebel Interceptor. Built for speed. Designed by Jan Dodanna and Walex Blissex, formerly of Kuat Systems Engineering. Custom manufactured, by hand, at secret Alliance bases. Some of these craft have actual wood furnishings in the cockpit. In the time period of this blog, just months after the Battle of Yavin, prototypes of this quick little craft are already in the field. Some have even been involved in combat.

As for the miniatures, I got a pair of the Rebel Aces boxes, plus two A-wing expansions. I have no desire to increase the number of A-wings in my arsenal, in part because only 4 named pilots exist in the X-Wing Miniatures Game right now.

The blue and white models are a great re-paint nod to the early Ralph McQuarrie concept art. Very nicely done, FFG.

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