Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Prequel-era Tragedy

Just finished reading Outbound Flight by Timothy Zahn (2006). A nice entry into the preferred canon, I believe. A tale set in the tumultuous time after The Phantom Menace and before Attack of the Clones. Most of what's wrong with the sometimes wayward Jedi Order is summed up in one character: Master Jorus C'baoth. He is arrogant and rude and considers Force users to be the rightful rulers of the galaxy. At the very end, his hatred and thirst for revenge send him to the Dark Side.

Outbound Flight is an ambitious project of the Galactic Republic to send six dreadnoughts, arranged around a central core, off into Unknown Space, then off much further toward the closest galaxy. A colony ship, with 50,000 beings aboard, including children. Political machinations, mostly on the part of one Darth Sidious, spell doom for the inhabitants of the exploration vessel. Along the way we meet a certain blue-skinned alien (future Grand Admiral), in his native environment.

A good old fashioned Zahn-style romp through the Star Wars universe. Crafty plans, high brow dialogue, brave smart people acting in high stress situations, mind games, including genius-level strategery, the art of the double-double-cross, lots of action and blasters and conflict. A few strange character names. A fun read, and a style-wise blast from the past.

Now it is on to the highly anticipated (at least by me) Bloodlines by new Star Wars rising star Claudia Gray. I am very excited to read this one, after her wonderful Lost Stars.

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