Saturday, April 2, 2016

Meet the Fleet, part 6


TIE/sa. TIE Bomber. Dupe. This is the heavy hitter of the fleet, delivering torpedoes and bombs to the enemies of the Galactic Empire. An Imperial-class star destroyer has a full squadron on board, ready to rain terror.

I have a third of that, a full flight of the craft. Not terribly interested in getting any more. I got all four in TIE Bomber expansion packs. I am curious about the modifications included in the upcoming Imperial Aces set, as they allow for the conversion from TIE Bomber to TIE Shuttle. That sounds cool.

Haven't flown them all that much in the game, but I love how sturdy they look. This flight is begging to zero in on the engine nacelles of the CR90...

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  1. Two more TIE/sa came my way via two Imperial Veterans expansions. Sah-weet!