Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Meet the Fleet, part 7


Koensayr BTL-S3 Y-wing attack starfighter. One of my favorite Star Wars craft. One of my olden days RPG characters, Derl "Seven" Sevla, was a Y-wing pilot. In the memorable words of the WEG Star Wars Sourcebook:

"The Rebel Alliance has lost more of its rugged Y-wing fighter-bombers than any other spacecraft. This undesireable record is not due to any deficiency in the vehicle, but to the simple fact that the Rebels have flown more Y-wings into battle than any other starfighter. They bore the brunt of all of the Alliance's early space battles. No longer as fast, maneuverable, or heavily armed as other starfighters, the Y-wing remains a potent craft able to endure and deliver tremendous punishment."

I got all four of these beauties in Y-wing expansion packs. I am patiently waiting for the announcement of a Rebel Veterans expansion, which I hope will include an alternate paint scheme Y-wing (and X-wing), along with a bunch of cool new options.

I think this ship (in the FFG X-wing Miniatures Game) was designed a bit wrong from the get-go. None of the pilots have an Elite Pilot Talent slot, and there is no accommodation made for carrying a crew member. I would suggest that FFG think about redesigning the Y-wing completely; re-issuing the two unique pilots that came with this pack and adding a method for making the 2-seat BTL-S3 a playable ship. Some fans think this would encroach on the design space of the HWK-290. I say I don't care. The HWK is dumb. There are many canon instances of cool passengers riding in the second seat of the Y-wing.

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