Saturday, April 9, 2016

Meet the Fleet, part 8


Programming Note: I have so many more "Meet the Fleet" entries to get through that I am going to be spamming them over the next few weeks.

Oddballs. Prototypes. Test beds. Fruits of the Imperial Weapons Research labs.

TIE/D. TIE Defender. Three awesome solar panels. The big bad TIE space superiority fighter. Tough guy.

TIE/ph. TIE Phantom. Small ship with a cloaking device. Scary! Looks cool. Kind of like an inverse of the Defender.

TIE/ad. TIE Advanced x1 and the precursor, TIE Advanced Prototype v1. Flown, in my mind, only by Vader. I resist the idea that these craft ever formed full squadrons. I guess I could say the v1 model  (in ones or twos) may have been entrusted to Vader's select Inquisitors. I think (from examining film stills from the trench run) that Vader's TIE is the white one. The blue one came with the Raider-class corvette.

As for more, I am tempted to pick up one more TIE Defender. I'm good on the other stuff.

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  1. Since this post I have added another stock TIE Defender (and two more red re-paints from Imperial Veterans) and have sold the TIE Advanced Prototype v1 on eBay.