Friday, June 24, 2016

Rogue Squadron 1


I just finished purchasing (but not yet finished reading) all 37 the X-Wing: Rogue Squadron comics by Dark Horse. I will be posting a series of brief reviews over the coming days or weeks. I will look at one mini-series per post. First up, issues 1-4, entitled "The Rebel Opposition".

Issues 1-4 "The Rebel Opposition"
Released in July, August, September, and October of 1995.
Set in the New Republic Era, ~4 ABY
Written by Micheal A. Stackpole and Mike Baron
Penciller Alan Nunis
Letterer Steve Dutro
Cover Art Dave Dorman

I found the art to be a bit "old school comic", and not quite to my preference. The covers are wonderful. The story was decent. Many characters used the expletive "Stang!" many times. That was sweet. 

The Rogues mentioned herein are: Wedge Antilles, Tycho Celchu, Wes Janson, Derek "Hobbie" Klivian, Plourr Ilo, Dllr Nep. By the end of the series the Rogues had picked up a native fighter named Elscol Loro as another pilot. She comes with a Wookiee side-kick named Groznik. Plourr, Dllr, and Elscol do not have pilot cards in the X-Wing Miniatures Game (yet).

The action takes place not long after the Battle of Endor. The war isn't over yet, even though the Emperor is dead. On the planet Cilpar, a rebellion of sorts is underway. The Rogues are there to rendezvous with a food convoy headed for Mrlsst. The natives don't much care for either the Rebels or the Empire. Tycho Celchu impersonates an Imperial pilot to infiltrate the Imperial forces on the planet. Ferocious dog-like beasts called ronks prowl the jungle; and one rips a guy's arm off. Don't worry, he deserved it.

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