Tuesday, June 28, 2016

The Adventure Continues

Star Wars Adventure Journal, Vol 1, #2 (WEG, May 1994). Another fun read. I like to see the old advertisements in these things (as well as in the Rogue Squadron comic books). Great cover, who wouldn't like to see the rancor?

This issue of the Adventure Journal had more great content: a continuation of the story of the rebellion on Garos IV, an interview with some folks from Dark Horse comics, 3 or 4 good adventures, a nice article on running a Rebel Privateers campaign, a couple of short stories, and some information on Coruscant and the Core Worlds just after the fall of the Emperor. Some good material in here for my imagined Tierfon campaign featuring all fighter pilots a la Rogue Squadron.

A really good value for its original $12 cover price (286 pages of content!). I already have Vol 1, #3 in hand, and will begin reading it soon.

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