Sunday, June 26, 2016

Rogue Squadron 3


Issues 9-12 "Battleground:Tatooine"
Released in June, July, August, and September of 1996.
Set in the New Republic Era, ~4 ABY
Written by Micheal A. Stackpole and Jan Strnad
Penciller John Nadeau
Letterer Vickie Williams
Cover Art Mark Harrison

Cover art, not as good as the previous 8 issues. Interior art was the newer, more modern look. I like it. The lettering was 'regular comic book': a kind of precise, slightly italicized, all caps font.

Rogues included herein are Captain Wedge Antilles, Lt. Tycho Celchu, Lt. Wes Janson, Elscol Loro, Dllr Nep, Plourr Ilo, and Derek "Hobbie" Klivian.

A good story, in my opinion. The group needs to travel to Tatooine to get involved in the chaos left behind after Jabba was killed. A cache of Imperial weapons is up for grabs. An evil Twi'lek knows where the stuff is located. The Rogues meet up with Huff Darklighter (Biggs' father) who is holding a remembrance party for his son. He doesn't exactly blame Wedge for surviving the trench run instead of his son, but....yeah. He does.

Some Imperial commandos make an appearance, as does Winter. One character is a walking brain aka a B'omarr monk.

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